Floral print dresses have been around as long as there have been clothes that have been specificially for women.

Some of the earliest clothing found has been of leathers with stitching, shells and wood buttons tailored into floral designs. Even ancient baskets were often woven with floral designs in them.

floral print dressThe development of the loom also saw the rise of global trade routes that brought in silk, cotton (once reserved only for the aristocracy), exotic wools and new plants from which to pound linen.

We today have many good examples of historical female figures and what they wore. Cloth found during the time of Cleopatra has geometric designs mimicking flower, and although we have no actual proof that Cleopatra wore floral print fabric, it is likely she did so if it were available and of high quality.

Marie Antoinette was noted for the extravagance of her dresses. On the other side of the world, tapa bark was being pounded into a fabric, printed with florals and geometrics and worn by Polynesian men and women alike. Archaeologists have found that ancient Mayans in central America wove geometric and floral designs into their wool dresses. And courtesans throughout Asia adorned themselves in the finest floral prints in exotic silks.

floral print geisha clothesFloral designs were eventually printed via mechanized means in Europe. While many floral designs continued to be worked into the fabrics by the use of integral weaving them in, it was now possible to easily and quickly print floral designs on a fabric in first one and then many colors.

The famous Guttenberg press was later used to print fabric.

Printing can be as complex as weaving the flowers into the print. Prints in multiple colors are done in layers where what is not printed is more important than what is printed.

Planning and design for modern prints requires a great deal of skill, experience and planning.

Printing technologies such as reverses loss printing and other methodology led to more and different floral print dresses for women all over the world.

The flower itself is the very essence of the feminine. It is the reproductive part of a plant, it is pleasant to the senses and is the source of all life. A woman in a floral print dress is a celebration of the feminine.

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